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A Slice of Rugae with a Twist

A4 (8.25” x 11.75”)

Completed on:  March 26th 2021

Made with:
Black sumi brush ink on smooth heavyweight cartridge paper

The inside of the stomach is fantastically designed; its innermost layers form a striped pattern of folds and ridges called rugae that run lengthwise along its interior. Within these folds are even smaller folds called gastric pits, which house a variety of glands that secrete enzymes, mucus, and acid needed for digestion. “A Slice of Rugae With a Twist” is a depiction of the depth and multi-layered construction of the stomach wall. Squeezing, twisting, churning, and denaturing meals, the rugal folds are at the forefront of digestion, and our only clue of their existence is an occasional grumbling.

Inside the Drawing