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Completed on May 4th, 2024 for the National MS Society Walk in Denver, CO

In collaboration with the Rocky Mountain MS Center

Made with:

Quill ink on 11″ x 14″ bristol paper


The Dark Side: “The Shadow of Affliction”

The dark side of multiple sclerosis is the disease itself.  The cause of MS is still unknown and can have quite an insidious initial onset. There are over 50 different symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis affecting a person’s ability to think, move, feel and express themselves as they did before their diagnosis. MS is a lifelong disease that has no known cure.

As represented in this print, a seemingly healthy neuron contains in its nucleus, the ominous Death Star.  The Dark Side of the Force inking represents the relentless progression and adversity faced by those battling multiple sclerosis. The shape of the neuron is in a circle to represent the cyclical nature of the relapsing and remitting pattern of this disease.

The Light Side: “A Beacon of Hope”

In contrast to its counterpart, The print embodies the unwavering hope and resilience of those confronting multiple sclerosis. A neuron, wrapped around Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, radiates with the brilliance of determination and courage. It represents the strength and perseverance of individuals facing the challenges of the disease, while the glowing lightsaber represents the guiding light that empowers them to keep fighting, to keep searching for a cure, and to keep walking forward knowing that there will be an end to MS.


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* If you are interested in purchasing the original ink drawings, please email me at arthazenergy@gmail.com