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Completed on:  April 24th 2019

Made with:

Black sumi brush ink on smooth heavyweight cartridge paper


Burnout is described as an epidemic in healthcare and can lead to cognitive dysfunction, poor physical and mental health outcomes, the use of more sick days, increasing cost to healthcare systems, high turnover, impaired job performance, and exacerbation of health conditions (Braun et al., 2019). However, recent research reveals that consistent mindfulness practices like meditation and yoga have the potential to ease the suffering of healthcare professionals with symptoms of burnout. “Mindfulness” embodies the positive effects these practices have on the neuro-cognitive pathways of the human brain. While working as a nurse I practiced yoga and meditation. It inspired me to create a visual representation of a meditating brain, as a reminder that mindfulness-based practices take patience, consistency, and focus. While impressive from far away with its simplistic beauty, a closer look reveals a highly complex, detailed, and focused effort.

Reference: Braun, S. E., Kinser, P., Carrico, C. K. & Drow, A. (2019). Being mindful: A long-term investigation of an interdisciplinary course in mindfulness. Global Advances in Health and Medicine, 8, 1-12. doi:10.1177/21649561188200064.